Government Increases Supply of Cooking Gas

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Government Increases Supply of Cooking Gas

March 15: In order to contain the artificial shortage of daily essentials in the market in the wake of coronavirus outbreak, the government has made the monitoring of market more effective.    

Minister for Industry, Commerce and Supplies Lekhraj Bhatta inspected various market places in Kathmandu and Pokhara where he warned of actions to the hoarders. He reiterated that there was no shortage of goods in the markets.

After taking stock of the market places and the problems faced by consumers and retailers,  Minister Bhatta said that the government has applied all possible ways to maintain stability in the market, while urging the commoners not to panic and avoid piling huge stock of goods at home.    

Likewise, the government has instructed Nepal Oli Corporation (NOC) to import petroleum products considering the market sentiments amid the threat of Covid- 19 outbreak.    

However, the NOC has been facing problems in unhindered supplies of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), as people have kept additional cooking gas cylinders at home despite the government's repeated calls not to do so.

Of late, the NOC has largely increased the import of LP gas. The monthly consumption of LP gas in the capital city is 38,000 metric tonnes but the import has reached 45,000 metric tonnes.    

NOC Spokesperson Birendra Goit said that problems have surfaced as the people have reserved additional LP gas cylinders with the threat of crisis in the market.    

Spokesperson Goit said that the import of LP gas has been increased of late and added that there was no problem in the supply system.    

NOC has also urged the commoners not to purchase new cylinders but to refill their empty cylinders from the retailers. - RSS     

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