Electricity Generation of Upper Solu Hydro Power Project Delayed

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Electricity Generation of Upper Solu Hydro Power Project Delayed
This photo taken from Google images shows transmission lines in unidentified location.

December 3: Delay in transmission of electricity as per the Grid Connection Agreement between hydropower companies and the Nepal Electricity Authority has been affecting the private sector.

Upper Solu Hydro Power Project delayed the date of electricity generation after the NEA failed to complete the expansion works of the transmission line that connects Lamne sub-station with the Upper Solu Hydro Power. NEA should have completed the expansion work of the transmission line within the deadline of September 2019.

This project is one of the six projects selected by NEA for fast track production of electricity to tackle the crisis of electricity.

According to the agreement of this special project, NEA will be liable to pay fines up to 45 percent if the production of the electricity is not commenced within the deadline as well as the expansion of the transmission line is not completed in time.

The project has been demanding NEA for alternative arrangements after the authorities failed to complete the transmission line with in the deadline due to land acquisition problems.


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