Sales during Holi Slump due to Fear of COVID-19

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Sales during Holi Slump due to Fear of COVID-19

March 10: People in Nepal abstained from merrymaking during the festival of Holi this year due to the fear of coronavirus. This resulted in a sharp decline in sales of colours, balloons and other materials used extensively while celebrating this festival.

The shopkeepers who used to be quite busy ahead of Holi in previous years spent their time in leisure during this Holi.

Kaji Thapa, a trader who sold out around 400 T-shirts during last year, could not sale even 40 T-shirts this time. Since the government issued a directive to the public not to play Holi in mass to avoid in the possible outbreak of COVID 19, the sale decreased significantly, says Thapa.

He said that many people did not smear each other with colours during Holi this year because of which the business of Holi material was affected.

Another trader Pramod Das also said that the business of materials used in Holi like colours, T-shirts, balloon, water-gun decreased in this year.

“Our business decreased by 15 percent compared to last year,” said Das.