Government Pledges to Curb Artificial Shortage of Daily Essentials

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Government Pledges to Curb Artificial Shortage of Daily Essentials

March 10: The government has formed a mechanism to deal with the excessive demand in the market caused by fears of coronavirus that can result in artificial shortage of essential goods. Minister for Industry, Commerce and Supplies Lekhraj Bhatta said that the government has instructed police to take action against anyone found charging exorbitant price to the consumers by taking advantage of the current situation.

Organising a press conference in the capital on Monday (March 9), Minister Bhatta said that various units of the ministry will orgainse joint monitoring along with Nepal Police to curb black marketing.

“First the joint inspection team will monitor the market in the capital and then in the provinces and local units,” said Minister Bhatta.

The minister accused the private sector of attempting to hike the price of essential goods like salt, edible oil, sugar and rice illegally and that the government will keep a check on such unscrupulous activities.

The demand for daily essentials has shot up as people have started hoarding food stuffs and other goods fearing a possible outbreak of coronavirus, which has already spread to over more than 100 countries and killed over 3500 people. This has resulted in artificial shortage of daily essentials in the market.

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