Taxi Operators Warn of Opposing Ride-Hailing Service

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Taxi Operators Warn of Opposing Ride-Hailing Service

November 27: Taxi drivers and operators have warned to oppose the use of private vehicles for ride-hailing services. Organising a press meet in the capital on Tuesday, November 26, the taxi operators made their stance clear on confronting the ride-hailing service claiming that the operation of private vehicles for commercial purpose is illegal.

In the press meet organised jointly by the Valley Taxi Operators and Drivers’ Society and All Nepal Transport Workers Union, the taxi operators blamed that such illegal activity has threatened their legal profession.

They said that taxi drivers have been providing their service in accordance to the criteria set by the law. However, they accused that Tootle and Pathao have been providing ride-hailing service illegally by using private vehicles.

“It is regretful for the prime minister not to stop such service being operated illegally,” said Purna Lal Moktang, general secretary of Valley Taxi Operators and Taxi Drivers’ Society.

Though taxi operators are saying that their business is being challenged by private vehicles, ride-hailing services like Tootle and Pathao say they are not the competitors of taxi operators.

Sixit Bhatta, CEO of Tootle, clarified that there is a difference between illegal activity and lack of law. Bhatta further said there is lack of law in the new ride-sharing service.


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