Court Grants Permission to Arrest Padma Jyoti

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Court Grants Permission to Arrest Padma Jyoti

November 12: Following the arrest of industrialist Roop Jyoti in a fraud case, Kathmandu District Court has also ordered the arrest of Padma Jyoti, chairman of Jyoti Group, in connection to the same case.

The district court on Monday granted permission to the Metropolitan Police Range, Teku to arrest the chairman of Jyoti Group.

Registrar at the district court Anand Shrestha said that the court issued the arrest warrant as per the request of the police.

Police said that they sought permission from the court to arrest Chairman Jyoti for further investigation into the case.

Padma Jyoti is the former president of the Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industries (FNCCI).

“Police had demanded Padma Jyoti’s arrest for further investigation,” said Registrar Shrestha. “The court granted permission to the police to arrest him,” confirmed Shrestha.

However, DSP Hobindra Bogati at the police range declined to comment.

“We are currently investigation charges against Roop Jyoti,” said DSP Bogati.

Police had arrested former state minister Jyoti and his daughter from Tribhuvan International Airport on Thursday while they were returning home from Singapore.

Jyoti has been accused of cheating Rs 13.6 million rupees in a land transaction case filed by Bigendra Krishna Malla. The district court had ordered his arrest about one year ago but Jyoti moved the Supreme Court. The apex court had issued an interim order not to arrest Jyoti. But the police finally arrested him after the Supreme Court last week vacated the interim order.


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