Finance Minister Urges Donor Organisations to Increase Investment

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Finance Minister Urges Donor Organisations to Increase Investment

October 22: Finance minister Dr Yuba Raj Khatiwada has urged donor organisations to invest in hydropower, tourism, agriculture, urban infrastructure and other sectors of Nepal. In a meeting with senior officials of the International Finance Corporation's Asia Pacific region, he discussed about the possibilities of Nepal's economy and urged them to increase investment in Nepal. He further informed the officials that Nepal has already started working in credit rating.

He also said that Nepal is well aware about the effects of worldwide slump in economic growth to the foreign employment of Nepal as well as tourism, foreign investment and industrial sector of the country.

Meanwhile, at the recent Board of Governors’ Plenary Session on the second day of the joint annual meeting of the World Bank Group and International Monetary Fund, Minister Khatiwada said that to reduce the gap between investment and savings in Nepal, mobilization of foreign capital is necessary. Moreover, he said that Nepal’s capital market is small and it is important to increase it. Stating that the role of the private sector is important in economic development, Minister Khatiwada said that investment sector should be diversified to make the private sector more robust, capable and effective.



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