Sebon Preparing to Amend Half a Dozen Regulations

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Sebon Preparing to Amend Half a Dozen Regulations

October 3: The Securities Board of Nepal (Sebon) is preparing to amend around half a dozen of regulations. The board has written a letter to the Ministry of Finance to amend some of the regulations to make them relevant in the present context.

It has been learnt that Sebon has taken permission from the finance ministry to amend the Securities Businessperson (Stock Broker, Securities Dealer and Market Maker) Regulations, 2064; Securities Registration and Issue Regulation, 2073; Mutual Fund Regulation, 2067; Credit Rating Regulation, 2068; Merchant Banker Regulation, 2064; and Offenses Relating to Insider Trading in Securities and Transactions.

The amendment was made as per the recommendation of a committee formed to evaluate the overall trend in the stock and capital markets on Nepal as to suggest investment source to maintain financial stability.


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