NRA Shifts Focus to Rebuilding Heritage Sites

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NRA Shifts Focus to Rebuilding Heritage Sites

August 8: The National Reconstruction Authority has reconstructed 380 heritage sites that were damaged by the devastating earthquake of April 25, 2015.

Out of them, 96 fall within the World Heritage Site while the remaining 284 do not fall in the list. The government spent a total of Rs 21.26 billion for the reconstruction of the heritage sites.

The hetirage sites which were reconstructed include Gaddi Baithak, Nateshwar Temple, Krishna Temple, Nag Ghar, Pratap Malla’s statue and Taleju Bhavani Temple in Hanuman Dhoka Durbar Square.

In Bhaktapur, Khauma Gate, Siddhi Laxmi Temple, Narayan Temple, Shankar Narayan Temple  as well as Changu Narayan Temple have been reconstructed.

Swayambhu’s Pratappur Temple, Anantapur Temple, Ananda Kuti Mahabihar among others have also been rebuilt.

In Patan, Manimandap and Sundari Chowk have been reconstructed while the famous Krishna Temple has been preserved.

Likewise, Thapathali’s Jung Hiranya Hem Narayan Temple and Baudha Stupa have also been restored to their past glory.

NRA chief Sushil Gyawali said that the authority has now shifted its focus to rebuilding heritage sites as the reconstruction of private houses have outpaced the heritage sites.

Acting Director General of the Department of Archaeology Damodar Gautam said that the concerned authorities will be rebuilding 150 additional heritage sites in the current fiscal year.


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