Nepali Importers to Utilise Own Warehouse in Kolkata Soon

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Nepali Importers to Utilise Own Warehouse in Kolkata Soon

July 24: Nepali importers can finally utilize the land taken on lease by Nepal government at the Kolkata Port. The 4872 square metres of land which the government had taken on lease from India in 1973 remained ulesess due to procedural delays in constructing warehouse facility.

Now a container warehouse has been built at the leased land.

Eak Narayan Aryal, Nepal’s Consul General in Kolkata, informed New Business Age that the warehouse is almost ready but currently lacks electricity and water supply.

According to Nepal’s consulate in Kolkata, importers will be able to use the warehouse soon after the Kolkata Port Trust finalizes the service charges.

Laxman Khadka, chief of Nepal Transit and Warehouse Management Company Limited (NTWC), in Kolkata said that Kolkata Port Trust will sign the agreement for the warehouse operation within the next week.

“The construction of the warehouse is in the finale stage, it will be officially inaugurated in the next 45 days,” he informed.  

The construction of the warehouse was initiated from last January. The operation of the warehouse will reduce the extra expenses of Nepali importers in Kolkata.  

Consul General Aryal added that the utilization of the vacant land as a warehouse will reduce the warehouse expenses and fines that Nepali importers have been incurring for import of goods from third countries via Kolkata Port.   

“The warehouse will reduce expenses of Nepali importers while the government will generate revenue,” said Aryal.

The government has been paying Rs 55,700 monthly rent for the leased land.

The warehouse has the capacity to store 500 containers at a time.



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