Rajasthani Food Festival at Kathmandu Marriott Hotel

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Rajasthani Food Festival at Kathmandu Marriott Hotel

July 23: Kathmandu Marriott Hotel, Naxal is hosting a Rajasthani gourmet food festival at Thamel Kitchen exploring age-old recipes infused with rich flavors from ancient kitchens that have served the royalty. Handcrafted by a culinary maestro from Rajasthan and inspired from delicious Mewar and Marwar cuisine, these dishes are a culinary experience that one should not miss, the hotel said in a statement.

The cuisine includes delicacies like dal bati, lal maans, gatta curry and sweets like gewar and live counters serving hot sizzling kebabs. According to the hotel, the food can be relished to the tunes of Rajasthani folk music giving one a true feel of Rajasthan right here in Nepal.

The buffet is open from 6:30 to 10:30 pm and priced at Rs 2400, with unlimited Carlsberg for Rs 3000. The Mewar and Marwar food festival at the Kathmandu Marriott Hotel will be on until the July 28.

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