NAC Refutes Allegation of Negligence by its Pilots

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NAC Refutes Allegation of Negligence by its Pilots

June 12: Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) has refuted allegations of negligence by its pilots during a regular flight to New Delhi on Sunday and reiterated its commitment to the safety of its passengers.

Issuing a statement on Monday, the flag carrier of Nepal said that the media reports circulated on Sunday were baseless and intended to create confusion.

Expressing its reservation over the report that tried to tarnish its reputation, the state-run airlines of Nepal said its pilots are capable as well as responsible and urged all not to believe in such misleading news.

NAC maintained that it has followed all the procedures required during the RA-205 flight to New Delhi with its Airbus 320-200 on Sunday, June 9.

The airline maintained that it had entered the taxi way after switching the Inertial Reference System (IRS) that uses ring laser gyros and accelerometers in order to calculate the aircraft position for navigation in contrary to the news circulated by the local media.

NAC dismissed the media reports that the pilots had switched the IRS after stopping the plane in the taxi way.

“The pilots of Nepal Airlines Corporation are fully aware about their responsibilities and are highly capable to carry out their duties,” reads the statement.

The statement added that the pilots stopped in the taxi way for a while to see the ‘After-Start Check List’ and for ‘Flight Control Check’. While doing so, the pilots had fully abided by the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) and ‘Pre Flight Check List’, the statement further said.

NAC said that the Air Traffic Controller (ATC) had informed the plane while it was taxing that an aircraft was approaching 11 DME, therefore “you can take off soon”.

In response, the pilot said that they would take off only after the approaching aircraft lands. In doing so, the plane had to stop at the taxi way for two to three minutes, NAC clarified.



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