Yarsa Collectors Flock to Dolpa as Season Begins

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Yarsa Collectors Flock to Dolpa as Season Begins

May 26: With the arrival of the season for collecting Yarsagumba in Dolpa district, the authorities have started charging entry fee for the locals who are eager to collect the prized medicinal herb known for its purported aphrosidsiac proterties.  

The authorities will allow the locals as well as other enthusiasts to collect the herb in the pastures of the highlands from Monday, May 27. Shey-Phoksundo National Park has already started collecting the entry fee from Friday. The national park allows the locals to enter the area only after verifying their documents mentioning their local address. The national park charges the people of the immediate locality Rs 500 as entry fee while others from the same district are charged Rs 2000. Meanwhile, those coming from other districts are charged Rs 3000 per person.The national park has also set a deposit of Rs 30,000 for the collectors, which will remain valid for a month from May 24.

The national park has decided to open all the pastures from Monday but the collectors should arrive a day before the season begins. Altogether 15 entry points have been set from where the national park collects entry fees and deposits, according to Chhatra Khadka, information officer of Shey-Phoksundo National Park.

Collectors from neighbouring districts like Jumla, Rukum, Jajarkot among others have also arrived at Dolpa.

The national park has adopt strict measures against smuggling of Yarsagumba. As of Saturday afternoon, 1,800 persons have been granted permission to collect Yarsagumba. The national park has collected Rs 5.1 million so far from entry fee.



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