Ice-Cream Live opens its outlet in Pokhara

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Ice-Cream Live opens its outlet in Pokhara

May 26: Ice-Cream Live has extended its ice-cream parlor at Newroad, Pokhara. The ice-cream parlor was inaugurated by celebrities Barsha Raut and Sandhya KC amid a programme on Saturday, May 25.

The ice-cream parlor has been set up with a joint investment of Rs 10 million by businessmen Chintamani Bastola, Santosh Ghimire, Binod Neupane, and Shekhar Koirala. Director Santosh Ghimire said that they make fresh ice-cream instantly in less than a minute.

“Customers can observe the process of making the ice-cream. As it is freshly served, it is healthy as well,” he says.

Many ice-cream parlours in Kathmandu make ice-cream with the same technology but this is the first time fresh ice-cream is being served in Pokhara, claimed the proprietors of the parlour.

Executive Director Sanjog Koirala claims that the taste of the ice-cream is different. “It is fresher than others as it is instantly made in front of people,” says Koirala. According to the company, the ice-cream is served in 12 flavors.

Liquid nitrogen used for the ice-cream is extremely cold and freezes when left open in the air. As the temperature is -321 degrees, the ice-cream has been branded as ‘-321 Ice-Cream Live’.



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