Nepal’s Import Stands at Staggering Rs 1.1 trillion

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Nepal’s Import Stands at Staggering Rs 1.1 trillion

May 26: The import of goods to Nepal in the first 10 months of the current fiscal year stood at a staggering Rs 1.1 trillion while the export remained merely Rs 78 billion.

According to a report released by the Department of Customs on Friday, May 24, the country imported the highest value of goods from India worth Rs 761 billion during the review period while it exported goods worth Rs 50 billion to the southern neighbour.

Likewise, goods worth Rs 17.8 billion were exported to China while Nepal imported goods worth Rs 169 from the northern neighbour.  

According to the report, petroleum products, vehicles and iron were the major import of Nepal.

During the review period,  Nepal imported petroleum products worth Rs 261.09 billion and iron and steel products worth Rs 119.8 billion.

 Likewise, the country imported machineries and equipment worth Rs 155 billion, vehicles worth Rs 77 billion, electric appliances of Rs 72.8 billion, consumable goods of Rs 44 billion, vegetables of Rs 24 billion and fruits of Rs 15.4 billion.   



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