60 Percent Nepalis have Access to Internet

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60 Percent Nepalis have Access to Internet

May 20: The number of Internet broadband users in Nepal has significantly increased in the recent days. According to Nepal Telecom (NT), as much as 60 percent of the total Nepali population has access to broadband Internet service in Nepal at present. 

Nepal Telecom further said that the number of licensed Internet Service Providers (ISP) has also increased. At present, there are 109 licensed Internet Service Providers in Nepal out of which some are yet to start their service.

The ISPs are providing Internet service to as much as 17,569, 424 Nepali population, according to a report prepared by the Nepal Telecom.

At present, Nepali users are receiving Internet service either by fibre cables or mobile service.

Nepal Telecom, Worldlink, Vianet, Subisu, Web Surfer, and Mercantile are some of the major companies providing Internet service to the majority of Nepali population.  Likewise, Nepal Telecom, Ncell and Smartcell have been offering 3G and 4G mobile Internet service. 

According to Nepal Telecom, only 15 percent of the total Internet users use fixed broadband Internet service in Nepal, where as the mobile Internet users of Nepal Telecom and Ncell make up 45 percent of the total Internet users.

The fixed fiber ISPs currently provide their service to a total of 2.78 million customers, while 8.33 million and 6.31 million individuals uses the mobile Internet facility of Nepal Telecom and Ncell respectively.




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