Coca-Cola Turns 133 years

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Coca-Cola Turns 133 years

May 9: Coca-Cola marked its 133rd anniversary on Wednesday. The company which was established on May 8, 1886, entered into the Nepali market in 1979.

According to the company, Coca-Cola was discovered by an Atlanta pharmacist Dr John S Pemberton, whose curiosity led him to create the distinctive tasting soft drink.

While it was Dr Pemberton who created the drink, it was Asa G Candler who grew the business all across the USA.

“Coca-Cola has been refreshing Nepal since 1979 with a range of brands for all occasions, fit with the local taste and passion of the culture,” reads a statement issued by the company.

Coca-Cola said it has supported various activities relating to football, music and food since its inception. In 2013, Coca-Cola brought the FIFA World Cup Trophy to Nepal, in partnership with FIFA and ANFA, which for the first time allowed thousands of football fans in Nepal to see the real solid-gold trophy in person, the statement added.




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