Giri Appointed CEO of CBIL Capital

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Giri Appointed CEO of CBIL Capital

May 3: CBIL Capital has appointed Navaraj Giri as the chief executive officer of the merchant bank.

The board of directors (BOD) of CIBL Capital approved the decision to appoint Giri as the CEO on April 30.

According to the BOD decision, Giri will take on the responsibilities of the CEO of the merchant bank from May 3.

CIBL in a statement said that the position of CEO of the merchant bank remained vacant since the departure of its previous CEO Samir Prasad Dahal to Citizens Bank International.

“The BOD decided to appoint Navaraj Giri as the new CEO to fill the vacant position,” the statement added.

CIBL is a subsidiary of Citizens Bank International and has been performing various services related to share and capital market.


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