Japanese Car Detailing Franchise SENSHA Now in Nepal

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Japanese Car Detailing Franchise SENSHA Now in Nepal

April 26: SENSHA, a premium car detailing Japanese brand, has launched its first and only franchise in Nepal. Partnering with Alpha Saga Trading Pvt Ltd, SENSHA opened the outlet at Khribot, Sanepa, Lalitpur as its 33rd international branch. Officially recognised as “SENSHA Nepal”, the brand offers a full product line-up of SENSHA’s car detailing services.

“Glass coating is the latest car coating technology provided exclusively by SENSHA Japan to produce glass-hard surface coating film on automotive like bikes and cars,” SENSHA Nepal said in a press statement.  

According to the company, the services include exterior paint protection, auto interior detailing, protection of wheels, windows, plastic parts, engine bay protection and full body detailing. The products also include SENSHA carwash with special body clean, a high concentrated Ph neutral car shampoo.

“The crystal glass coating services are available with 3, 5, 8 years and lifetime guarantee for cars and bikes. The coating is a layer of fiberglass which is applied on the surface of the automobile to protect the paint from oxidation with outside air and from damage conducted from human and environmental factors,” reads the statement. SENSHA Nepal claims that this maintains the glossy look and shine of the automotive for a longer period of time. Besides, the products also protect exterior of cars from scratches, chemicals, bird droppings and dust. “The coating has high hardness and is extremely shiny with water repellent and hydrophobic property,” said the company.  




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