Civil Bank to Resume Card-less Withdrawal from ATM

Cooperatives and Financial Institutions to benefit from ATM Service

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 Civil Bank to Resume Card-less Withdrawal from ATM

April 24: Cooperatives and financial institutions are all set to offer ATM service to their customers. Hamro Technology Pvt Ltd, a hardware and networking services provider, has signed an agreement with Civil Bank to start the service within a few days.

Civil Bank has altogether 68 branches across the country while more than 200 banks, cooperatives and financial institutions are affiliated to Hamro Technology.

 Following the agreement, customers of the member banks, cooperatives and financial institutions can withdraw cash from any ATM of Civil Bank through ‘card-less’ technology.

According to the bank, customers can withdraw amount from Rs 500 to Rs 25,000 at a time for which the bank will charge Rs 25 per transaction. The service is applicable for remittance as well.

In order to avail the service, account holders/ customers of the institutions have to send a request about the required amount through mobile banking app of the respective institution. Following the request, a ‘one-time password (OTP)’ number will be received by the customers that needs to be entered in the ATM.

Since the OTP is valid just for two hours, the customers need to withdraw their amount within the limited time frame.

Bishnu Maharjan, CEO of Hamro Technology, said that the company has resumed the operation of the ‘card-less cash’ technology which was established by Civil Bank in 2013.

At present, only few commercial banks and financial companies are providing card-less service from ATMs.




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