Self Reliant Economy

Meaningful Participation of Private Sector in Policy-making a Must

A self-reliant economy in today’s age of globalisation must mean well-balanced trade. The supply of each and everything domestically is neither practical nor possible. A hundred per cent self-reliant economy is just imagination. However, by a self-reliant economy, one may mean striking a good balance between exports and imports. . . . Read more »

Need for Investment in Sectors of Strategic Importance

Some countires have developed tremendously despite them having low natural resources. South Korea and Singapore are two examples. Nepal, on the other hand, hasn’t been able to develop though it is rich in natural resources. Today, we are dependent on other countries even for everyday essentials. Yet, we are talking about a self-reliant . . . Read more »

Exploiting Potentialto the Maximum

We should now try to find a solution to end another similar situation from occurring which could throw us into chaos when our relations with a neighbouring country grow . . . Read more »

Beyond the Rhetoric of Self-reliance

It is necessary to take a bottom-up approach to develop our country. We have made several mistakes in the past in the areas of economic . . . Read more »