A Sloppy Situation

July 2015   
It is most unlikely that the world's largest food company, which sells the same Maggi products in a majority of the countries in the world, would need to add lead to its product in India. Such an allegation has not been made against this company in any other country in the . . . Read more »

After the Disaster

May 2015   
The massive earthquake which struck Nepal on April 25 has hit the country really hard. As we go to the press, more than seven thousand bodies have been recovered and several thousands are reported injured. Millions have been affected in other ways. Search and rescue operations were still on when we went to the . . . Read more »

Ironically, It's Democrats Who Are Preventing Nepal's Economic Growth!

April 2015   
Nepal, the country with huge geo-political importance has the prospect of most advantaged nation in the world with prosperous future. It has both opportunity and the potential to taste the pies from the growth of world’s largest democracy on the planet (India) and the world’s largest producer . . . Read more »

Pandey’s Arrest and Rule of Law

April 2015   
The arrest of Pradeep Jung Pandey, president of the Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FNCCI) on March 17 in connection with a corruption case more than three decades old has raised several . . . Read more »