Government Formulates National Strategy for Export of Pashmina

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Government Formulates National Strategy for Export of Pashmina

February 7: The government has set the target to export pashmina worth 750 million in the US Dollar till 2026. Keeping in mind the target,  the Nepal government has unveiled “Pashmina Sector Export National Strategy”.

Amidst a programme organized in Lalitpur, Minister for Industry, Commerce and Supplies Damodar Bhandari released the “Pashmina Sector Export National Strategy” on Tuesday. Pashmina sector export national strategy was formulated in collaboration with Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supplies, Trade and Export Promotion Center, Nepal Pashmina Industries Association.

The national strategy will be technically assisted by International Trade Center under EU Nepal Trade and Investment Programme operated with EU’s support. Minister Bhandari said that national strategy on pashmina export would contribute largely to development and expansion of pashmina industries.

Bhandari informed that a factory would be set up to produce thread out of wools of mountain goats for the first time in Nepal. He claimed that production and quality of pashmina-borne goods would increase following the production of pashmina thread in Nepal from the wools of mountain goats.

National pashmina export strategy formulated by industry and commerce ministry with EU’s financial assistance and International Trade Center’s technical support sets the target to export the pashmina within five years. 

Secretary Madhu Kumar Marasini at the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supplies stressed the need to encourage the farmers to keep mountain goats in the mountainous districts for wool production.

“We can export pashmina and earn a lot of money to reduce trade deficit. Thus, we have to encourage the farmers for keeping mountain goats for wool production,” Marasini added. 

Nepal Pashmina Industries Association Chairman Bijay Dugad said that Pashmina Sector Export National Strategy would be helpful  for the private sector. “The production of thread used for making pashmina inside the country is very good step. Farmers will get good price for the wools of mountain goats used to make pashmina,” he added. 

Nepal is importing pashmina thread from outside to make pashmina goods. “Making pashmina thread inside the country will give good price to the farmers,” Dugad stated.

Nepal has capacity to manufacture 5 million pieces of pashmina. However, only 2 to 2.5 million pieces of pashmina are being made at the moment. A foundation stone of Pashmina Fiber Processing Center to manufacture pashmina thread was laid in Harisiddi, Lalitpur on Tuesday.

Nepal had imported pashmina shawls worth Rs 2.53 billion in 2021. With target to export pashmina worth 75 million in the US Dollar by 2026, the national pashmina export strategy is expected to contribute to the prosperity of the country. The strategy clearly describes roles and responsibilities, plans, coordination and implementation of all stakeholders.


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