Manang Sees Increase in Arrival of Tourists

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Manang Sees Increase in Arrival of Tourists

September 28: The tourism industry of Nepal, which was badly affected for nearly two years due to the Covid-19 pandemic, has gradually gained momentum.    
It may be noted that there was almost zero mobility of domestic and foreign tourists in most of the geographic areas of Nepal since March 2020. But lately, the tourism sector has witnessed a gradual rise in the inflow of tourists. 

The number of tourists visiting Manang has also increased as this season is an appropriate time for tourists to visit the district which lies beyond the mountains.  
Chief of Annapurna Conservation Area Project's Conservation Officeer Lekhnath Gautam shared that a total of 3,818 tourists had entered Manang during the period between mid-July to the third week of September 2022.    
During the review period, 1,330 men and 614 women from the SAARC countries visited Manang. As many as 1,874 tourists from other countries visited the district, shared Gautam.    
According to the records, Israel topped the list of foreign tourists visiting Manang with 428 visitors followed by Germany (149), Spain (134), the United Kingdom (130), France (122), the United States (108) and other countries (873). -- RSS

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