National Assembly Members Draw Govt's Attention Towards Contemporary Issues   

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National Assembly Members Draw Govt's Attention Towards Contemporary Issues   

June 9: Members of the National Assembly have drawn the government's attention towards contemporary issues in the country including the lack of fertilizers for farmers, text books for community schools' students and government's clear viewpoint on country's foreign policy.    

Speaking in the special hour of the upper house meeting on Wednesday, parliamentarian Khimlal Bhattarai accused the government of not being serious towards implementing the constitution. He said that the students in public schools have not received text books although the new academic session has already begun.    
He expressed concerns over the decreasing quality of the community schools and also urged the government to take forward the Bill relating to Citizenship Act.    

Similarly, Krishna Prasad Poudel was concerned about the weak condition of education sector. He underscored skill-based, knowledge-based and productive education system to build prosperous and equitable society based on social justice.    

Likewise, Nanda Chapagain rued over the lack of fertilizers for farmers and drew the attention of the government to provide fertilizer at the earliest.    
Gomadevi Timalsina stressed on enabling environment for the supply of raw materials for industries to be set up by the government in all seven provinces.    

Similarly, National Assembly member Jitendra Narayan Dev argued that the foreign policy of Nepal does not change along with the change in government and reaffirmed that Nepal's foreign policy is based on Panchasheel - the five principles of peaceful co-existence and Non-Aligned Movement.    
He viewed that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs should hold discussions with leaders of the major political parties and forge a national consensus on the policies relating to national security, foreign affairs and water resources.    

Another MP Bhagawati Neupane sought for a clear concept of the incumbent government regarding Nepal's foreign policy. She suggested to adopt a balanced foreign policy by soliciting suggestions from all political parties. -- RSS   


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